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Dirt bike maintenance is very simple and straightforward. By being constant with your bike's care needs you can save up lots of time and money. Here you'll find some basic dirt bike maintenance tips. Providing your dirt bike with constant care and maintenance could save you some unnecessary visits to the mechanic. By ignoring the basic upkeep needed to keep your bike going, you end up wasting precious time you could be spending riding your dirt bike in muddy terrain, or sprucing up your bike with cool accessories. Dirt bike maintenance is not that terrible; there are plenty of easy preventive maintenance tasks you can do to prolong your bike’s longevity and stay safe while riding. Missouri Synthetics brings you eight dirt bike maintenance tips to keep your bike at peak performance for a longer time.

Wash Your Bike Constantly

Your dirt bike is subjected to lots of mud and contaminants which may find their way into the motorcycle’s interior pieces. You should clean your bike after every ride. Give it a quick water spray to remove any thick gunk stuck to it. Be gentle and careful, so you don’t force dirt and water into the engine or electrical components.  Afterward, you should use some brushes to remove any excess mud from the nooks and crannies. If you can, use a leaf blower to dry it off thoroughly.  A clean and dry bike is easier to inspect for maintenance issues.

Examine It Thoroughly

Once you’ve got a clean canvas, you can go ahead and meticulously check it. Start by looking for any oil leaks, check the ground and underneath the motor. Also look for coolant and brake fluid leaks. Once When you’ve removed all the mud from your dirt bike’s drive chain using a nylon brush, use a chain lube to lubricate it. Verify that the bolts in the hardware haven’t come loose under the bike’s vibration. If so, tighten them.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Perhaps the most vital part of dirt bike maintenance is getting a synthetic oil change to maintain optimal performance. Oil helps keep your bike’s engine, and other internal parts, remain cool and minimize friction.  If you’re regularly riding in the dirt or mud, you constantly need to change your engine oil.  All those contaminants find their way into the oil and reduce its effectiveness. Some people suggest that you change your oil every time you use your bike; other say that you should replace it every eight to ten operating hours. If you’re not sure what to think, just stick to your manufacturer’s recommendations, just be sure that you frequently change your dirt bike oil to give your engine a longer life. Next time you’re due for an oil change, be sure to use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil, which you can easily get online or by calling Missouri Synthetics. AMSOIL’s 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil is a good option to start with, but you can get more suggestions by calling (816) 679-1599.

Maintain a Clean Air Filter

Your dirt bike also needs clean air to survive. A clean air filter will improve its performance and protect your engine. If your air filter is dirty, it allows your engine to suck in the dirt and cause it to wear, or even break down prematurely. Wash your air filter and air- dry excess water. Afterward, you should lubricate it and reinstall it. Something as simple as cleaning your air filter can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Read your owner’s manual to consult the recommended air pressure. Remember the necessary air pressure changes based on the terrain condition. It’s usually eight psi in the front tires and six psi in the rear tires when the land is muddy, and 14 psi in the front and 12 psi in the back when the ground is dry. You should be checking your tire pressure between each ride.

Refill Your Fluids

Your bike needs more fluids, other than dirt bike oil. You should periodically check the brake fluid and your coolant levels, top them off as needed. Many manufacturers suggest you use an alcohol-based brake fluid for dirt bikes. As for the coolant, you should flush it thoroughly and replace it once a year.

Adjust Your Chain Tension

We’ve already mentioned lubing your chain to keep it from rusting. Rust causes your engine to work harder just to get the wheels turning. When you are lubing your bike chain, you should also check its tension. A chain shouldn’t be tense; there needs to be some slack to allow suspension movement. If you can remove the chain from the rear sprocket, it’s too loose, be careful about that.

Use Some Grease

Dirt bikes need many different types of lubricants; grease is one of them.  One of the things grease does is seal out water and dirt and provide lubrication to various areas of your bike. You should lubricate the air filter’s sealing area, wheel bearings, seals, shock seals and forks, steering head bearings, and hardware. AMSOIL has different grease options you can try out.

Get What You Need For Your Synthetic Oil Change

Getting a synthetic oil change is one of the best things you can do to prolong your dirt bike’s life. So don’t wait too long before purchasing your bottle of AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Don’t forget that AMSOIL has everything you need to keep your bike perfectly lubricated, from dirt bike oil to coolant and grease. Purchase your synthetic lubricants online or call Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599 to get what you need in the Kansas City area.
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