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The Importance of Synthetic Oil Changes for Avoiding Engine Buildup Problems 

Synthetic Oil Helps Prevent Sludge and Other Types of Buildup in Your Engine

It is imperative to change and check your oil. There are many benefits of using  good quality lubrication in your vehicle.  Both of these areas are necessary and will help to ensure that your engine stays in good conditions, but there are also other related factors that need to be taken care of. Sludge and other types of buildup tend to be a common problem that can hinder the positive effect of good engine lubrication. With this in mind, we want to further discuss some important facts on the detrimental presence of buildup and how to best deal with this harmful factor.

What You Need to Know About Engine Buildup

There are different types of buildup and they all have pretty much the same outcome. They clog up important areas of the engine, make it hard for engine fluids to get to where they need to. If allowed to persist they will get into unwanted places and accumulate causing the engine to struggle and eventually break down. Sludge, fuel buildup and even just overall gunk that gets inside the engine are all different types of buildup that can affect the engine.

2 Types of Buildup and How You Can Best Prevent Them

  • Sludge. Sludge is a type of buildup derived of broken down motor oil. When the oil starts to lose its ability to properly lubricate its viscosity is also altered. If overheated, the oil can turn into a dark tar-like substance that hardens. If confronted with very low degrees it will tend to thicken and create a type of glob that is sticky. This usually happens when the oil is very worn out and is not changed or is not of good quality and is easily altered with the harsh temperatures. Of course, the best way to avoid this is to change the oil on time and to use quality oil. However, there is also other extra measure you should take to avoid sludge and buildup.
  • Fuel. At the bottom of the fuel tank, all types of debris and fuel byproducts gather up. When you drive your vehicle on very low amounts of gasoline you force it to dig deep for fuel and to pick up all that gunk at the bottom. It is then easy for the debris to get into other parts of the engine and build up causing soot to accumulate in different places and potentially cause trouble. That is why it is important to avoid letting your vehicle run on very low amounts of fuel.

Things You Can Do to Avoid Buildup Problems in Your Engine

  • Get synthetic oil changes. Synthetic oil resists all types of conditions much more efficiently and also has other beneficial properties. AMSOIL synthetic oil contains a special formula that allows it to help remove buildup inside the engine. This helps maintain the engine safe and free of sludge. Contact us now to learn more.
  • Avoid idle time and environmental contaminants. When your engine is working it burns off fuel and many smaller processes go on inside it. When it is idle it continues to burn off a certain amount of gasoline but the fumes and byproducts it creates release a type of moisture that would normally evaporate but since the vehicle is idle the moisture doesn´t escape as efficiently and it remains inside. Condensation then causes that trapped moisture to turn into drops of water that get into the oil and start to contaminate it. Contaminants such as water, dirt, dust and other particles that mix into the oil facilitate the formation of sludge and the deterioration of the oil´s lubrication properties.
  • Learn if your specific engine is more likely to suffer from sludge buildup. Now, we know that maintenance and other factors play a role in the formation of sludge, but there is also another thing you should consider. According to several reports and consumer complaints, certain types of engines are more prone to sludge buildup. To learn more about the vehicles that seem to be most affected and read more on this visit the Consumer Report´s web page, here.

Maintain a Sludge-Free Engine With a Synthetic Oil Change

There are many positive things that synthetic oil can do for your engine. Protect your engine against sludge and other types of buildup today. When you get a synthetic oil change remember to always use AMSOIL for the best engine lubrication and protection. Contact Missouri Synthetics in Kansas City, MO now at (816) 679-1599.
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