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Steps to Change Your Dirt Bike’s Oil

Welcome to this guide Missouri Syntheticsbrings you on how to change your 4 stroke dirt bike oilNick King from Missouri Synthetics would also like to remind you that they have all the products you need for your next synthetic oil changeAs you know, changing the oil in your bike should be in the top three of your routine maintenance list and it’s something you can easily do on your own. Before you can start any project involving your dirt bike, you need to consult the specifications found in your owner’s manual.

Before You Begin

Prior to doing any changes to your dirt bike, check your owner’s manual. You don’t want to end up buying the wrong oil. Changing the oil in your dirt bike is pretty much like changing your car’s oil except you don’t need to get under the engine… although it could get a little messy. When it comes to bikes, the oil should be changed every 5 to 10 hours of riding. That depends on your type of dirt bike, which is why you should consult your owner’s manual. It will take you about two to four oil changes to get the hang of it, but changing your oil is not that tough. You will need:
  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Oil catch pan
  • Wrenches (your manual should tell you which)
  • Funnel
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rags or paper to clean up

Once you have everything close to you, prop up your bike on a stand. This will keep it stable while you work and it will make it easier to get to the plug and filter. You need to turn on the engine for a bit, just to get the oil warm. Warm oil flows better and suspends the contaminants so they can easily flow out of the engine.

Remove Your Old Oil and Filter

Start by placing the oil catch pan right underneath the drain plug found at the bottom of your dirt bike’s motor. You should wear rubber gloves to keep your hands clean. Now unscrew the oil fill cap so the oil can flow more freely out of the drain plug. Remove the drain plug and let the oil fall into the pan. Only about a quart of oil will drain out. You should keep the oil pan in place to let the rest of the oil fall out while you focus on removing the filter. To remove the oil filter cap you will need a wrench. Clean around the oil filter cover and inside of the compartment where the oil filter belongs. By this point you should already have all your supplies. In case you're reading this post before you get them, a great idea would be to buy AMSOIL synthetic oil. Check out their dirt bike oil online to find which one is appropriate for your bike next time you need a synthetic oil change. Afterwards, call Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599 to place your order.

Replacing the Filter and Filling up the Oil

Plug the drain plug right back in, otherwise your oil will just pour straight through. Replace the old filter with the new one. Make sure to put a little bit of oil around the seals or rubber lip for an easier fit. If your filter is a reusable metal one, clean it thoroughly before you put it back inside. Remember that it has to be completely dry, so it might take a while. Once you’re done with the filter, put the cap back on tightly. All the oil should be drained by now. Use a funnel to refill your oil and be sure to measure the right amount according to the manufacturer’s guidelines

After You’re Done

Be sure to pay attention to your old. Examine it to see if it looks or smells strange. If it does, you should probably ask a mechanic what’s going on. Be very careful of how and where you dispose of your old oil.

All You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change

All you need to get your oil change is available through Missouri Synthetics. They can even help you choose what products suit you best. You can learn a little bit more about synthetic oil for your motorcycle here or listen to what they recommend by calling them at (816) 679-1599.

  • Delivers confidence in clutch feel
  • Superior protection against gear, bearing & piston wear
  • Maximizes horsepower
  • Helps extend clutch life

  • Excellent film strength for high-heat, high-rpm motors
  • Anti-friction formula for maximum power
  • Burns clean; helps prevent ring sticking and plug fouling
  • Protects coated and non-coated racing pistons

Controls friction, heat, wear, foaming and scuffing in suspension components. High viscosity index and shear-stability controls shock fade and inconsistent dampening in temperature extremes.

  • Outstanding protection against wear and corrosion
  • Helps extend chain life
  • Does not attract dirt
  • Does not fling off
  • Easy application
  • Fast-drying

AMSOIL Warranty

AMSOIL guarantees the performance of its products, so you can be confident they perform as advertised. AMSOIL introduced the world’s first API-qualified synthetic motor oil and has since introduced a full line of industry firsts. For more than 40 years, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have proven themselves in the lab, on the racetrack and on the highway.
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