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Grease is used to lubricate some of the moving metal parts in your car. Sometimes oil is too slippery to do the job. This is a post about grease and its importance to your vehicle.

Getting to Know a Little Bit about Auto Grease

Grease and oil, don’t they do the same thing?  Yes, they both serve as lubricants for your car. However, there are metal parts where something thicker that won’t leak out is needed, those parts are the ones that use grease. Learn a little bit more about grease and how to choose the right one for specific applications in this post  Missouri Synthetics has prepared for you. Remember that if you’re ever in need of synthetic grease or a synthetic oil change in Liberty, they’re who you need to call.

What is Grease?

Grease is the black smear that stains your hands when you’re exploring under the hood of your car. As you know, all those moving metal parts that make up your car, like those in the engine, require some type of lubrication in order to function smoothly.  You use oil in your engine, but some other parts need something thicker and not as slippery. This is where grease comes in, it has a better sticking power and it’s more viscous. Grease is mainly made up from a lubricant to fight friction and a thickener to give it the  consistency needed to stay in place next to moving parts. It can also have other ingredients to improve its performance, depending on its application. There are many types of grease, here’s how you can identify them. To better understand grease, let’s talk about its main components: base oil, thickener, and base oil viscosity. Base Oil: the base oil is chosen according to the conditions in which the grease will be performing with, such as the temperature, load, and pressure. These conditions also influence the type of additive package contained in the grease mix. If your vehicle is going to be working under a wide range of temperatures a synthetic oil base is the way to go. If the temperature will remain more or less constant then a mineral base will do just fine. To learn more about the difference between synthetic oil and mineral oil, you can click here. Thickener: the thickener is what holds the grease in place, otherwise it would be just another oil. There are many types of thickeners that should not be mixed because they may not be compatible to the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Always follow the recommendations, the wrong thickener can end up doing a terrible job at holding the grease in place. Base Oil Viscosity:  the base oil viscosity is important to any type of lubricant. In order to choose the correct auto grease for the application and conditions, it’s imperative that you know the base oil viscosity. The viscosity can be calculated by considering the speed and dimensions for the area it will be lubricating.

Choosing the Right Grease

The first things you should consider when choosing a grease are: what’s going to be its purpose and in which conditions it will be operating.  If you’re looking for something that you can use anytime you want to do a simple repair at home, you should get one that’s designated for a broad range of applications. When you need something that functions at extreme temperatures, look for one that fits those conditions. Don’t make the mistake of using greases designed for something other than automobile use in your car.

Synthenic Blend vs. Full Synthetic Grease

When it comes to choosing auto grease, you have 2 options: synthetic blend or full synthetic grease. The blended type has some natural components mixed in, full synthetic doesn’t. It’s better to talk to a  mechanic or consult your owner’s manual to find out which type of grease has a better compatibility to your car’s manufacturer, model, and year.  As a suggestion you can get AMSOIL’s Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2. You can either get your AMSOIL synthetic grease online or you can call Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599 to purchase it directly in Liberty. If you're in the market for supplies for a synthetic oil change, they can help you out too.

Find a Biodegradable Option

Every product that you use on your car impacts the environment in some way, which is why you should try to use products that have a smaller impact. Look for a biodegradable auto grease with low toxicity.

Make it Long- Lasting

Go for the best option in the market, one that promises protection from wear, pressure, water, and extreme temperatures. An option with additives that prevent corrosion and oxidation is always a good idea, especially if your car is under heavy loads or endures water and mud frequently.

Get your AMSOIL Synthetic  Automotive Products in Liberty

Missouri Synthetics has everything you need to keep all the parts in your vehicle perfectly lubricated.  To buy your synthetic grease or your synthetic oil you can call them at: (816) 679-1599 and they will help you choose which AMSOIL product better suits your needs. You can also visit their online store to learn more about AMSOIL products.
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