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Cars all have different engines types since they come from different manufacturers This is also true for bikes. As a result, they all use different kinds of oil. First things first, do you own a 2-stroke or a 4 stroke bike? They are very different and they don’t use the same type of oil, in fact, they don’t even use oil the same way. Join Nick King at Missouri Synthetics and learn about 2 stroke dirt bike oil & 4 stroke dirt bike oil in Platte Woods.

2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

How are they different? Two stroke oil is used in crankcase compression engines. You mix gasoline and oil with two stroke engines because the two stroke engine is used as part of the induction tract. The gasoline works as an engine lubricant as well. 2 stroke dirt bike oil does not have weight indications, like 4 stroke oil does. Also, there are two types of 2 strike oil: pre-mix and injector safe. Most bikes use the pre-mix type which is mixed with gasoline. By mixing oil with gas you get more horsepower because oil gives more compression by providing a better ring seal.

4 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil

A closed crankcase is used in the case of 4 stroke oil bikes. This oil is similar to the oil used in cars and it’s not mixed with gasoline to better lubricate.

How Often Should I Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Platte Woods?

Dirt bike maintenance is more demanding than car maintenance. The oil needs to be changed with more frequency, but not too frequently because it will just be wasteful.  Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding oil changes. It’s probably around every 2,000 miles, but you should change it before to keep your engine’s life longer. It also depends on how hard you ride your bike and the weather conditions on the road. You should get a synthetic oil change even if you are not riding your bike frequently or aren’t reaching the suggested mile change interval. Oil loses its properties as it stays unused.

Synthetic Oil Expiration Date

If you haven’t been using your dirt bike for a while but feel it’s time for a synthetic oil change, Missouri Synthetics suggest you get fresh AMSOIL synthetic oil. If it happens that you already have some oil left over from a while ago, you should check its expiration date. An unopened bottle of synthetic oil can last as a minimum of 5 years, but 10 years is the actual expiration date. For a synthetic oil mix, it can last from 3 to 7 years. In case the synthetic oil you are storing at home has been opened, its maximum shelf life reduces to 5 years, for mixed synthetics it goes down to 3 years. It all comes down to the temperature, moisture, and all around general conditions your oil is stored in. To get your AMSOIL synthetic oil for you 2 or 4 stroke dirt bike from Missouri Synthetics, you need to give them a call at 816-679-1599. They can guide you in choosing the right oil for your bike in Platte Woods.

Dirt Bike Gear Oil

Gear transmission oil needs a higher viscosity than engine oil in order to protect all vital parts from breaking down and to cool off your clutch. An oil with 80W-85 weight wouldn’t be appropriate for your engine, but it’s just the weight you need for you gears. Never use car transmission oil because it can cause your dirt bike’s clutch to fail.

Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Oil in your air filter? Should you use engine oil or gear oil? The answer is neither, you need air filter oil. The oil actually helps the air filter trap even more dirt, rust, and many other contaminants. You just have to coat your air filter with air filter oil and let it dry before it starts doing is trapping magic. You want your oil to last longer at its best performance and the air filter allows that by keeping it cleaner. In the long run, a good filter can even help you save money by needing less frequent synthetic oil changes.

For Synthetic Oil in Platte Woods

You should always consult your owner’s manual before you make a choice on synthetic oil for your dirt bike because you need to purchase a product that will perform optimally. Sometimes as long as you stick to the weight required by the manufacturer you’re good. Call Missouri Synthetics at 816-679-1599 to get your AMSOIL synthetic oil in Platte Woods, or you can also visit their online shop.
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