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It’s always nice to find ways to save money and waste less fuel. There are many things you can do to get more out of your mileage, and getting a synthetic oil change is only one of them. Find out how you can reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption in this post.

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage in Excelsior Springs

Gas prices are not constant, but the need for fuel is. No one likes the increased prices in fuel, however, there are some things you can do that can help you reduce the blow and increase your gas mileage in Excelsior Springs. Follow these easy tips Missouri Synthetics has for you.

Switch to Synthetic Oil

More and more automakers are suggesting that you make the switch to a lower viscosity oil. Why? Because it will flow easier. Engines find it easier to pump lower-viscosity oils. In the process, there’s less resistance in the moving engine parts, increasing fuel economy. Conventional base oils aren’t meant to have low viscosity, and if they do, they lose most of their performance benefits. They won’t be able to stand high temperatures and they will evaporate sooner. With conventional oils, it’s a give and take. If you want low viscosity, you’ll have to sacrifice high-temperature performance. It doesn’t work the same way with synthetic oil. By getting a synthetic oil change you’ll be getting low viscosity and high temperature performance as well as lowered fuel consumption, among other benefits. Synthetic oil also helps your fuel economy during cold starts. Conventional oils contain waxes which make them get thicker as your vehicle sits overnight. A cold start is much harder on your engine because it takes more effort for the oil to warm up and circulate, burning off more fuel in the process. On the other hand, synthetics don’t have those waxes and they don't thicken as much overnight. The motor oil, transmission fluid, and gear lube have an easier time circulating, wasting less energy and fuel. Note that cold starts aren’t exclusive to cold weather. AMSOIL is a great option for reducing your fuel consumption by using synthetic oil. Multiple studies reveal that your car can get up to a 6.5 percent increase in fuel economy by using AMSOIL synthetic oil. Try AMSOIL’S Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil to improve your fuel efficiency. You can get it directly from their online store or, if you prefer a more personalized oil-buying experience, call Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599. They will help you decide what product you need to get for your synthetic oil change in Excelsior Springs.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires

Many people overlook the importance of tire pressure. Not only is it basic to your safety, it also influences your fuel consumption. The proper air pressure reduces the amount of drag your engine must overcome. Tire pressure should be checked once a month. You can also look into getting low rolling resistance tires. They can help reduce the resistance by ten percent and improve the gas mileage by up to two percent, although your car is probably equipped with them already.

Lose the Extra Weight

All the extra weight that you're carrying in your car makes the engine work harder and waste more fuel. Clean up your car by removing any trash, containers, or items that you don't use on a daily basis. Only carry what's necessary, especially if you drive a small car.

Be a Mindful Driver

Your fuel consumption is greatly affected by your driving style. Aggressive driving can increase your gas mileage up to 30% at highway speeds and up to 40% at regular speed. That’s a lot of extra fuel you’re burning off by speeding, rapid acceleration, and constant braking. You should try to drive according to the speed limits, limit your errands to a single trip, use cruise control, and look for smooth roads.

Choose Your Car Wisely

You don't need to go and get a new car just because you want to save on fuel, but if you happen to be in the market for a new car, choose wisely. You should compare several models because selecting your vehicle is the most important fuel decision you’ll make. You can check out this guide the U.S. Department of Energy has to help you choose a fuel efficient vehicle.

All You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Excelsior Springs

Whether you take your car to a mechanic for your synthetic oil change or if you do it a home, you can get all you need from Missouri Synthetics. From an oil filter to synthetic oil, they have all the AMSOIL products you need. Go ahead and give them a call at (816) 679-1599.
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