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Enjoy riding your dirt bike out on open terrain by staying safe. Proper dirt bike maintenance and following simple safety rules can make your riding experience so much better.

Being a Safe Dirt Bike Rider

The freedom of riding a dirt bike through the woods or rough terrain is unbeatable, but that feeling comes with a price. Not being a careful driver can be fatal to your life. Making sure you know how to properly ride a dirt bike, wearing the right gear, and knowing the state laws can save your life. Learn more about dirt bike riding safety in Platte County by exploring this post Missouri Synthetics brings you.

The Importance of Bike Maintenance for Your Safety in Platte County

Maintenance is not only important to extend your bike’s life expectancy, but also for your safety. A properly maintained dirt bike will grant you a safer ride. Dirt bike maintenance involves:
  • Washing and drying your bike after every ride. You just need a bucket of water and some brushes to knock off the mud.
  • Cleaning your bike’s drive chain. If it’s muddy, let it dry overnight so it can be easier to remove with a nylon brush. After you’ve cleaned the chain, you should lubricate it. You can use AMSOIL’s Chain Lube for high-quality lubrication.
  • Get a synthetic oil change. Dirt bike oil needs to be changed often because these bikes are exposed to a lot of dirt and mud. Some people say that you need to change your oil after every ride while others say that it needs to be changed every eight to ten operating hours. For best results, trust the recommendations in your owner’s manual. For your 4-stroke dirt bike, you can try AMSOIL’s 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil or you can explore their online store to learn about your dirt bike oil options. You can also call Nick King at Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599 if you need someone to help you decide.
  • Check the fluids. Other than getting your synthetic oil change, you need to check the brake fluid and coolant levels. For the brakes, most bike manufacturers recommend an alcohol-based fluid. As for the coolant, it needs to be flushed and replaced once a year.

Tips to Ride Your Dirt Bike Safely

  1. Protect your head: The first thing you should be protecting when you’re driving, no matter what your level of expertise is, is your head. Falls and collisions can happen even to an expert driver. Your helmet is an absolute must, and it must fit snugly. When picking your helmet, look for one that fits the U.S. Department of Transportation standards (it will have a “DOT” label on it).
  2. Mind what you wear: Clothing is very important to riding your bike. You need to wear knee, chest, and shoulder pads, or at least long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Be sure they’re comfortable enough to not interfere with operating the bike. You should also use gloves, close-toed shoes, and goggles in case your helmet doesn’t have a face shield.
  3. Get to know your bike: Give your bike’s owner’s manual a good read. If you lost yours, you can easily check it out on the manufacturer’s website.
  4. Don’t ride on the street: Dirt bikes are meant to be ridden on the dirt not on streets, highways, or roads. Dirt bikes are not safely equipped for these types of terrain. Try to avoid doing so unless you’re going to cross the road to reach another trail.
  5. Ride according to your experience: Be honest with yourself about your riding skills and don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger. Avoid riding on unknown terrains and conditions like: mud, steep hills, snow, or rain if you’ve never done so before.
  6. Take a class: If you’re a newbie in the world of dirt bikes, taking a safety course is a good idea. There might be a dirt bike riding course that will teach you how to handle, steer, and stop your bike properly. Look into your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or Parks and Recreation Department to know if they have programs available. It would also be a good idea to learn about making your dirt bike legal.
  7. Check your bike: One thing you should always do before riding your bike is to make sure everything’s in order. Check that the tires are properly inflated, the brakes are functioning, the oil is full, and check that all the controls are fully working.

For Your Dirt Bike Oil in Platte County

Part of maintaining your dirt bike in great shape and safe for riding is getting the necessary synthetic oil changes. You can get your dirt bike oil by calling Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599. They can guide you in choosing the right synthetic oil for your bike’s needs in Platte County.
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