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Every vehicle that requires oil to function has different needs. A racing car won’t use the same type of oil as a lawn tractor, a classic car, motorcycle, or every day car. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. Should you go for the regular or the synthetic version of the oil that fits your needs? How about if you have a racing car, which racing motor oil should you use? In this post Nick King at Missouri Synthetics will focus on racing motor oil and how it differs from common street oil in Liberty.

Advantages of Getting a Synthetic Oil Change

You should first know about the benefits of investing in a synthetic oil change in Liberty, whether it be street or racing motor oil. Although synthetic oil shares the same origins as regular oil, it’s been modified in a lab. It doesn’t have the chemicals that make regular oil break down or create sludge buildup.  Synthetic oil has uniformly shaped molecules that move together in a fluid way that causes less friction. Since it’s more slippery and creates less friction, it helps your car use less power to do its job. It can work in harsh temperatures that would burn up regular oil. Synthetic oil has a great performance under extreme heat and extreme cold. It helps the engine cool down during hot weather and it flows quickly during colder temperatures. There is a longer oil change interval with synthetic oil, which can make up for its higher price. Regular oil needs to be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, while some brands of synthetic oil, like AMSOIL Synthetic Oil, can go as high as 25,000 miles. Synthetics don’t break down over time, so they can last longer. Basically, one of the few negative sides of getting a synthetic oil change in Liberty is the price. Fortunately, its many benefits make up for it and end up saving you money. It’s all a question of an initial big investment. When you decide to go for that synthetic oil change, call Missouri Synthetics in Liberty to get your AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. If you don't know which product is right for you, don't worry, they will help you out. Simply give them a call at: 816-679-1599 to know more.

The Difference Between Street Oil and Racing Motor Oil

The main difference between street oil and racing motor oil is the base oil chemistry and the additive packages it has. Additives give the oil numerous levels of protection and lubrication efficiency. They contribute to reducing friction, corrosion, rust, and oil anti-wear. All these attributes help maintain the engine clean and in proper function. Regular synthetic oil can have additives, but synthetic racing motor oil has higher concentrations of them. The differences are subtle, but the details make a big difference.

Why Should You Use Racing Oil Over Street Oil?

Regular street oil is designed to protect engines that run in every day, non-extreme conditions over a long time. Racing motor oil is meant to protect the engine when the car is running at high temperatures, high rpm, and all around extreme conditions.  So, if you like to ride hard, synthetic racing oil is what you need. Racing oil has very high levels of friction reducing and anti-wear additives that are not permitted in regular street oil by the API (American Petroleum Institute). If you are running your racing engine with street oil, you are probably using a 15W50 synthetic. While it does a good job preventing against wear with its high viscosity, it does come at a cost. When you do change to racing oil, you will notice an increase in power. Racing cars that use synthetic racing motor oil have a longer camshaft life, a better valve spring life, and reduced operating oil temperature. It all comes down to what you use your car for. There is really no point in you using racing motor oil if you will be driving around in the city. However, if you do have a racer it is better to invest in a product that will better protect your engine and give your vehicle more power.

For Synthetic Oil in Liberty

Missouri Synthetics has all the AMSOIL automotive products you may require for your next synthetic oil change. You can find products for your regular vehicles to racing motor oil for your racing cars in Liberty. If you want to make a purchase or want to know more about their products, you can call them at: 816-679-1599  to receive all the information you need.
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