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 No matter what you call it – weed eater, weed whacker, string trimmer – chances are at some point it won’t start. Few things are more annoying than destroying your shoulder trying to start the weed eater when there’s work to do. Fortunately, gasoline weed-eater engines are pretty...
 The simple answer: If your car is burning oil, it’s probably wearing out. Over time, the piston rings have likely become worn or stuck in their grooves, preventing them from sealing tightly against the cylinder wall. The tiny gap that has formed between the ring and cylinder wall allows...
Keeping your vehicle running at its best is usually the result of a lot of research and good practices. Some things like knowing the differences between synthetic oils and conventional oils can be confusing but should be included in the research you do. We here at Missouri Synthetics can...
 The simple answer: Yes. There is no danger mixing synthetic and conventional motor oil; however, conventional oil will detract from the superior performance of synthetic oil and reduce its benefits.

The detailed answer: With synthetic lubricants continuing to grow in...
Dirt bike maintenance is very simple and straightforward. By being constant with your bike's care needs you can save up lots of time and money. Here you'll find some basic dirt bike maintenance tips. Providing your dirt bike with constant care and maintenance could save you some unnecessary...
If you’re a motorcycle rider you’ve probably already planned your summer bike trip. If you’re going to be heading out across the southwest where the temperatures are hotter, you should consider taking some precautions to remain safe under the heat. The great thing about riding a motorcycle is...
The heat and harsh temperatures can cause your engine to overheat. Find out what to do when your engine overheats and the reasons why it happens.

What Causes an Overheated Engine in Liberty?

As the temperatures rise outside,  the heat affects your whole car, even the oil, and the chances for your...
Enjoy riding your dirt bike out on open terrain by staying safe. Proper dirt bike maintenance and following simple safety rules can make your riding experience so much better.

Being a Safe Dirt Bike Rider

The freedom of riding a dirt bike through the woods or rough terrain is unbeatable, but that...
It’s always nice to find ways to save money and waste less fuel. There are many things you can do to get more out of your mileage, and getting a synthetic oil change is only one of them. Find out how you can reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption in this post.

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage in...


If you love your diesel pickup as much as I love mine, then you know what it takes to make it look good, run good and sound good. It’s no task for the weary or lazy, however. I literally spend hours each week on my truck. It’s a way for me to escape the rigors of life and enjoy time...
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