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The heat and harsh temperatures can cause your engine to overheat. Find out what to do when your engine overheats and the reasons why it happens.

What Causes an Overheated Engine in Liberty?

As the temperatures rise outside,  the heat affects your whole car, even the oil, and the chances for your engine to overheat get a lot higher. There are plenty of reasons why engines overheat and leave you suffering under the summer heat. Remember that dealing with a cooling mishap before it becomes a big problem can save you lots of money and time. Join Missouri Synthetics in exploring some of the most common reasons why your engine can overheat in Liberty and what you can do about them.

What You Should Do When Your Engine Overheats

Regardless of the reason why your engine is overheating the steps you need to take are basically the same. Afterwards you can discover what the problem is and fix it. Here is what you should do if your engine starts getting too hot to minimize potential car damage. Turn on your defroster and blast your heat to max. It will get really hot and uncomfortable, considering its summer, but it will help your car. The hot air will pull as much heat out of your engine and into the cabin as it possibly can. You should roll the windows down to cool yourself down a little. Now you should try to park somewhere safe and let your engine cool down or call for a tow to pick you up. If you’re stuck in traffic, put your car in “park” or “neutral” and raise the engine speed it will help the coolant circulate. Step on the gas pedal, just don’t pass the RPM gauge to 2000 RPMs or you might worsen the problem. These steps should help lower the gauge temperature temporarily. If they don’t bring any changes, you need to turn the car off immediately.

The Reasons Why Your Engine Overheats

Low Coolant

The number one reason why engines overheat is because the coolant level is low. Coolant is necessary to keep the engine cool during the heat and keeping it from freezing during the cold. It moves through the cooling system removing heat away from the engine. If there isn’t enough coolant your engine will certainly suffer the consequences. The coolant level is the first thing you should check when your engine is running hot. If it’s low, refill it by trying out AMSOIL’s Dominator® Coolant Boost .

The Thermostat

If your engine is overheating at highways speeds, the culprit is most likely the thermostat. Here’s what the thermostat does: it keeps the coolant from getting to the system when it’s cold, and it opens a chamber that lets the coolant pass through to stop the engine from overheating. At highway speeds, your engine needs a lot of coolant to maintain a proper temperature. If the thermostat isn’t opening when it should, there isn’t enough coolant flow to keep the heat from rising in the engine. Here’s a video of how you can tell if there’s an issue with the thermostat.

Low Oil Level

Overheating due to low oil levels happens more than it should. Engine oil is responsible for up to forty percent of your engine’s cooling. Your engine is made up from many metal pieces that allow combustion to occur and your engine to run. If these pieces aren’t properly lubricated, friction happens. Friction will most certainly raise the engine temperature and no amount of coolant will stop it from overheating. Engine oil is necessary to stop friction a keep the engine from overheating. Not only does engine oil stop friction, it cools the engine by absorbing some of the heat. For an even higher level of lubrication and engine protection, try AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Synthetic oil trumps over conventional oil in many areas. Get a synthetic oil change and see for yourself. AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is perfect for long oil change intervals. You can get it at their online store, and while you’re browsing the website don’t forget to purchase an oil filter for your synthetic oil change. If you prefer to shop with someone’s help, you can call Nick King at Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599 and he will help you decide which AMSOIL Synthetic Oil is what right for you.

Cooling Fan Problems

The cooling fan draws air through the radiator. If the fan isn’t working at its best capacity the radiator can't perform properly. There are usually two main cooling fan problems: the fan motor has burnt down or the radiator fan switch, which tells the fan to turn on when the coolant reaches certain temperature, is broken. Your car can’t go far without overheating if there are problems with the cooling fan.

The Radiator

If there is a blockage preventing the coolant form reaching the radiator the heat won’t be diffused and the engine will overheat. Over time, the radiator fluid can start gumming up and clog the radiator, slowing the coolant flow. That is one of the reasons why the radiator needs to be flushed every year. The blockage can also happen externally (which is more common) when dried bugs and road debris prevent air from passing through it. You can easily check that and use your garden hose to remove the dirt. Another radiator issue can be something as simple as a loosely screwed radiator cap. As the water in the engine boils and bubbles out from the radiator, it can heat the exterior metal and release steam. It’s scary when your car starts smoking. You should park your car and turn it off so you can top off the lost water and close the radiator cap tightly. Remember that before you inspect anything under the hood, you need to wait until it is cool enough to touch.

Cool Your Engine with a Synthetic Oil Change in Liberty

Keep your engine cool and lubricated by using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil, the best engine oil option in Liberty. You can get all the tools for a synthetic oil change online or cal Missouri Synthetics at: (816) 679-1599.
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