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When choosing your vehicle’s oil, it is important that you understand how extreme weather can affect it. Extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum can not only affect your vehicle’s motor oil, but also your vehicle’s overall performance. To get you ready for the summer heat, we here at Missouri Synthetics want to help you understand how the heat may affect your vehicle’s oil this summer.

Rising temperatures

Just like hot summer days can affect your overall mood and productivity, they can also affect your motor oil. When the heat produced by weather conditions combines with the high operating temperature of your vehicle, it can cause some issues. Although operating temperatures don’t tend to be too high, they do appear to be trending upwards. Using conventional oils in your vehicle can cause several problems as the temperatures start to rise. These types of oils can evaporate faster in the heat. This can cause conventional oils to lose their additives faster. Losing useful additives like lubricants can reduce their abilities to protect your your engine. The heat can cause the viscosity of conventional oils to change as well. This change in viscosity makes the oil move less fluidly through your motor causing more wear, reduced fuel efficiency and can even create more air pollution.

Making the switch to synthetic oils can help you and your vehicle be better protected in the hot summer months. Synthetic oils don’t lose their viscosity in the heat like conventional oils. They maintain their ability to flow efficiently while reducing the buildup and wear on your motor. Synthetic oils also hold on to their additives even when operating under hot conditions. The useful additives can help ensure your vehicle runs smoother and stays cooler. Synthetic oils won’t evaporate as fast as conventional oils. As a result, they will need to be changed less often than other oils. In the long run, switching your car to synthetic oils can reduce engine wear and even improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.  

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