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Proper care, a lot of love, and synthetic oil can prolong your motorcycle’s life expectancy. If you’re a motorcycle owner you probably know how to perform simple bike maintenance, but still it never hurts to be reminded about the importance of motorcycle care.

Simple Motorcycle Maintenance in Platte Woods

Every motorcycle owner wants to keep their bike healthy and looking like new for a long time. Unfortunately, as time passes by, we tend to be less constant with motorcycle maintenance and care. It's not that hard to take care of a bike, there are really only a few simple steps that need to be performed on a regular basis. Missouri Synthetics brings you this post about the most important motorcycle maintenance steps you should be taking to have a healthy and longer lasting machine in Platte Woods.

Synthetic Oil Change and New Filter

Perhaps the most important step in motorcycle maintenance is getting a synthetic oil change. Oil is critical to your motorcycle’s life. No matter how old or new it may be, if the engine is not lubricated it will get damaged. Motorcycle engines work harder than car engines, which is why the necessary oil is not interchangeable. Not to mention that motorcycle oil does more than lubricate the engine, you can learn more about motorcycle oil in this post. Oil transports a lot of dust, carbon, dirt, and tiny metal particles, which are safely stored in the oil filter. Without the filter there would be no place for all that debris to collect, and it would just travel around and cause damage to the engine. The oil and the filter should always be changed together. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations on how often you should get your oil changed. Be sure to use synthetic oil for its many lubricating benefits. In fact, you should get the best possible oil, AMSOIL synthetic oil. You can browse AMSOIL’s online store to learn more about their products. They have the V-Twin Oil Change Kit, which is a great deal because it has all the elements you need for a synthetic oil change (including the filter). If you’re looking for more personalized attention, or someone to help you decide on a product, then you can call Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599. An oil expert in Platte Woods will guide you through the AMSOIL catalogue.


A bike literally cannot move without tires. They are essential for movement and safety, which is why you should constantly check their pressure. The tire pressure should be checked only when they are cold. The heat makes them expand, fooling you into thinking they’re fine. Your owner’s manual has the recommended tire pressure you should be using. You tires need to be replaced before you they reach the wear bar indicators. Though the tread may look fine, it gets deteriorated over time because of age, sunlight, and the ozone. Check for cracks in the sidewalls that can also indicate is time to replace the tires.


Corrosion forms on some brake parts because of water. Whether it be water from the wash, the rain, or the simple morning dew, it affects your brakes. Corrosion can lead to dragging, wear, and overheating. When you’re changing your brakes or tires, remove the calipers as well and check them for corrosion. The brake fluid should be flushed and changed every two years. The fluid is vital for hydraulic brake components. Not to mention the moisture brake fluid absorbs can cause internal corrosion of calipers, wheel cylinders, and ABS components.


The battery can usually be found in a hard to reach location, therefore it’s easily forgotten. Some batteries require frequent electrolyte replenishing with distilled water. Low levels of fluid reduce the battery’s capacity. If you don’t want to worry about the electrolyte levels, use a sealed, maintenance-free battery.

Give It a Good Wash

A motorcycle’s surface should be washed regularly in order to maintain the paint’s finish. Before you clean your bike, be sure that the ignition switch, H.T coil, and silencer are covered so no water gets inside them. Use a microfiber cloth to clean it and don’t forget to give it a nice wax too. Always try to park your bike in the shade because the frequent exposure to sunlight can dull the paint color.

All You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Platte Woods

Engine oil is something that should never be ignored. Change it too often and you’d be wasting money and oil, change it once a year and you could seriously damage your bike. Stay constant with you oil change intervals and call Missouri Synthetics at (816) 679-1599 when it’s time to change your oil. Remember that AMSOIL has all the necessary products for a synthetic oil change in Platte Woods.
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