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After a lot of thinking, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy a motorcycle. Maybe you’re a bike expert and already know what you want, but perhaps you are new to this world and need some tips on what to get. Nick King at Missouri Synthetics  brings your this short guide to picking the right bike and choosing the right oil, whether it is racing motor oil or just regular synthetic oil, you’ll learn something useful here.

What’s Your Experience Level?

Before you make any buy, you need to decide what your experience level is. As you gain experience a much larger range of possibilities is opened for you. However, if your experience is limited, you might want to stick to motorcycles with these characteristics:
  • Light weight: A lighter weight bike will allow you to steer, balance, accelerate, and brake easier while you get used to driving.
  • Cheaper: It’s really likely that you’ll drop your bike at first, getting a cheaper bike will make the fall less least for your pocket.
  • Lowe seat: A low seat that lets you plant both feet on the ground when you stop can make you feel safer and more confident while riding.
  • ABS: Look for a motorcycle with anti-lock braking system (ABS), it will allow you to stop faster and safer.
  • Non Specialized: The learning period is not the time to get a super specialized racing bike.

How Will You Use It?

Let’s say you’re not a novice biker, how will you be using your motorcycle? There are 4 broad bike categories and within those categories many other types branch out.
  • Street bikes: These bikes were designed to be driven on paved roads or regular streets. Some examples are: touring bikes (used for long journeys), standard motorcycles (general riding, great for novice riders), sport bikes (built for speed), and cruisers (a.k.a. choppers).
  • Scooters and mopeds: Scooters are great for everyday driving in the city, but definitely not recommended for the highway since they are slower. They are also a great option for beginners.
  • Off-road bikes: You may also know them as dirt bikes and they were made for surfaces like dirt, grass, and sand, anything not pavement.
  • Dual- purpose motorcycles: These are hybrids, they can be used both off-road and on paved streets.

Let’s Talk About the Engine

Just like with cars, the engine is the heart of the motorcycle, and the oil is the blood. Depending on your driving style and needs, you will need an engine with more or less power. Engines come in different sizes, with different horsepower and torque. Understanding the basics of how engines work will help you make a better decision when choosing a motorcycle.
  • Two-stroke engine: This internal combustion completes its power cycle in two up and down movements (strokes) of the piston in one crankshaft revolution. Bikes with a two stroke engine are much lighter than other bikes, and their maintenance needs are higher. Since they are lighter and faster, with an intense motor kick, it’s usually more difficult to control and ride them. They require more shifting, so if you are a beginner rider a 2 stroke bike wouldn’t be the best choice.
  • Four-stroke engine: The power cycle is completed in 4 strokes per crankshaft revolution. They have more parts, which makes them heavier and in less need of constant maintenance. They are an ideal choice for beginners, because there’s not so much time spent worrying about shifting and breaking.
What 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes have in common is that they both are perfect candidates for a synthetic oil change in Excelsior Springs. AMSOIL synthetic oil has the right 2 stroke bike oil & 4 stroke bike oil for your bike. If you are interested in learning more about AMSOIL synthetic oil and how you can get it, you can give Missouri Synthetics a call at 816-679-1599 or visit their online store.


Another very important thing to consider when buying a motorcycle is: what type of maintenance does it need, and can you give it to your bike? A racing bike, for example, needs a synthetic oil change and an air filter change frequently, are you sure you can commit to doing that? If you can’t, then a racing bike is not for you , but a 4 stroke bike could be a good match If you don’t know how to change the oil or the filter, there are many places you can learn, even your manual could help you there. You can also go to the more expensive route and get a mechanic to do it for you. Before buying a bike think long and hard about your experience and if it’s really worth it. A motorcycle is a big investment that requires great care.

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