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by Andy Arendt

Road trips, weekend getaways and trips home for the holidays promise all kinds of attractions – sampling the local food, checking out the scenery and stopping to see the local oddities, like the world’s largest ball of twine, in Darwin, Minn.

It also means tracking fuel mileage...
by John Baker

There are a few different reasons your engine might make a knocking, ticking or pinging sound. Let’s break each down and talk about what might be happening.

Is it an engine knocking sound, tick or ping?

One driver’s knock is another driver’s tick. Or ping. Still others...
 by John Baker

Engine sludge. It’s a back gelatinous substance that wreaks havoc in engines. And long before the engine’s demise, engine sludge can foul engine sensors and interfere with performance. Some mechanics call it the “black death.” How does motor oil, which is fluid, become...
 No matter what you call it – weed eater, weed whacker, string trimmer – chances are at some point it won’t start. Few things are more annoying than destroying your shoulder trying to start the weed eater when there’s work to do. Fortunately, gasoline weed-eater engines are pretty...
 The simple answer: If your car is burning oil, it’s probably wearing out. Over time, the piston rings have likely become worn or stuck in their grooves, preventing them from sealing tightly against the cylinder wall. The tiny gap that has formed between the ring and cylinder wall allows...

by John Baker, Amsoil

The shelves at your local auto parts store are full of aftermarket motor oil additives and oil treatments that promise a cornucopia of benefits, such as…

-Increased fuel economy-Reduced friction-Maximum horsepower & Improved engine cleanliness

To provide this added...

  Depending on where you're living this time of year you may find yourself using a chainsaw more than a motorcycle or a boat. Chainsaws are worth their weight in gold for filling the woodpile and keeping everyone warm--not mention for those downed branches and trees that gotta go. Chainsaws...
Keeping your vehicle running at its best is usually the result of a lot of research and good practices. Some things like knowing the differences between synthetic oils and conventional oils can be confusing but should be included in the research you do. We here at Missouri Synthetics can...
 The simple answer: Yes. There is no danger mixing synthetic and conventional motor oil; however, conventional oil will detract from the superior performance of synthetic oil and reduce its benefits.

The detailed answer: With synthetic lubricants continuing to grow in...
Dirt bike maintenance is very simple and straightforward. By being constant with your bike's care needs you can save up lots of time and money. Here you'll find some basic dirt bike maintenance tips. Providing your dirt bike with constant care and maintenance could save you some unnecessary...
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